Monday, June 13, 2011

June 2nd, 2011

Oh shiiitt! It's June! Can't fucking believe I've been in this shit hole 11 months!! July 15th I'm free! Hell yeah! I've been getting in pretty good shape too. Hopefully the transition back to real training will be smooth, can't wait to fight! OMG! My fingers ache from trying to finish a rough draft of my book by my release. Fuck pencils/paper! I wish I had my MacBook! Once I'm free I'm gonna clean it up nice and try to get it published. I think it will do well, I've read several NY Times Best Selling Auto-Bios and wasn't too impressed. I have done A LOT and learned A LOT. Much more than the people in the book I've read, we'll see though. If nothing else, it killed a lot of time for me in here. Fuck! I'm so excited to get out, I have a lot of high expectations for the future. Anyway, same boring shit in here, people's lives wasting away. Another guy OD'd and was seizing as they rolled him out on the stretcher, he lived, but there's something creepy about watching a seizure, I hate it! Gives me the heeby geebies. Anyway, I read a crazy book series by Zecharia Sitchin called "The Earth Chronicles" - you should check it out, makes you think! Also been reading a couple of that guy Pavel Tsatsouline's books... he says some good shit, a small amount of dumb shit, but overall good. BUT, he CONSTANTLY advertises all his other books, throughout each book, and it's fucking obnoxious! Makes me not like him as much, but maybe it's the publisher's fault? Either way, you should check them out. Alright, more next week! Thanks for the continued e-mails and support!
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